"Sotto l'azzurro fitto del cielo, qualche uccello di mare se ne va. Nè sosta mai, perché tutte le immagini portano scritto: più in là."

- Eugenio Montale

meu jogo
aldo giordano rec studio
recording session
sessione ritmica
sessione di registrazione
sessione di registrazione
sessione di registrazione
in viaggio

This project is a musical journey through original compositions and songs from the songbook of great Italian songwriters. Main themes are the sea and the road, elements that picture connections and distances, relationships and separations. Our live show is something like sailing in uncharted waters, embracing stories and places signed by some "lighthouses" of the art of songwriting: Tenco, Fossati, De Andrè, Dalla, Daniele among the others. The course is inevitably southwards, where everything is emotion, contradiction, roots, need, fulfillment and mistura.


The album "Di Sola Andata" (One way trip"), first solo musical journey of the sicilian songwriter Patrizia Capizzi, is a collection of eight snapshots taken during her last three years. Born on the strings of her guitar, they have been adorned and beautifully arranged by the pianist and composer Aldo Giordano, recorded and mixed at his RecStudio (2017)



"Here started my journey. From the white pages of a red cover notebook. A trip led by music, marked by connections and separations, discovering my inner-self, at that point of my travelling. The enthusiastic departure mixtures with the taste of Saudade, remembering beloved places and people. Above all, this album tells the desire of a new life, the patient wait, the audacity of a game that's still in play, the wonder of unexpected discovers." 

Lyrics and music are by Patrizia Capizzi, with the exception of "Un Filo Fragile (music by T.Canto) and "Meu Jogo" (music by Aldo Giordano).

All the arrangements are by Aldo Giordano.


The recordings were performed by:

Gabriele Mirabassi (clarinet), Tony Canto (vocals and guitars), Sal Cacciatore (trumpet), Fabio Sanfilippo (guitar), Peppe Sferrazza (soprano sax), Franco Siracusa (doublebass), Salvo Montante (drums), Massimiliano Amico (doublebass), Michele Territo (drums), Aldo Giordano (piano and fisa), Patrizia Capizzi (vocals, guitar, percussions).

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